Associated petroleum gas (APG) is typically extracted with deposits of petroleum. APG is form of natural gas also referred to as associated gas and flare gas.

The gas can either by flared, vented or utilized for power generation. However, associated gas is most commonly flared on site and not being utilised. The amount of APG currently being flared worldwide is equivalent to c. 30% of Europe’s annual gas consumption (World Bank). This has great environmental implications in addition to being economically wasteful.

Associated petroleum gas is a high-energy fuel that can be well utilised for on-site electricity generation using the Shengdong generator sets. This offers great alternative power source, which is often provided by diesel generators or conventional grid power.

Remote sites can further benefit from a containerised generator system for on-site power generation, which offer installation and service-friendly unit.

Associated Petroleum Gas (APG)
By-product from the petroleum extraction industry
Calorific value (CV) of biogas is 25-32 MJ/m3
Typical composition:
  • 60-80% Methane (CH4)
  • 5-15% Propane (C3 H8)
  • 5-15% Ethane (C2 H6)
  • 1-5% Butane(C4 H10)
  • 1-3% Nitrogen (N2)