Containerised Units

The Shengdong container is a high quality unit which can be deployed where economical and speedy installation is required. The containers are fully tested when they leave the production facility and are perfectly suitable for applications requiring quick installation.

The system consists of two components:
  • The container including the gas engine genset, cooling/ventilation systems and isolated engine control room
  • The roof skid which includes silencer, heat dump radiators and optional exhaust gas heat exchanger
The units are available in the following set-ups:
  • Series 12V – suitable for the full range of 12-cylinder gensets
  • Series 6V – suitable for the full range of 6-cylinder gensets

All containers are also available as a “wide” set-up providing additional inside space, when required.

Series 12V 6V
Standard System view view
System with heat exchanger view view