VAM Oxidation System

The Shengdong Group is one of the leaders in the field of coal mine gas utilisation, holding significant market share in China. As such, the company has developed a unique VAM Oxidation System capable of utilising Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) for energy production. The company has first put forward the VAM oxidation technology theory in China.

The VAM Oxidation System utilises the energy released while abating the methane to generate electricity and reduce VAM emissions to the atmosphere. The system can generate high grade, superheated steam from coal mine gas with less than 1% methane content. The steam is then used to drive a conventional turbine, generating power.

The VAM Oxidation equipment can have three major applications determined by the concentration of methane (CH4) in the utilised gas. The system can be used in several set-ups according to the methane content of the gas: (i) CH4 abatement only, (ii) thermal energy conversion for heating and refrigiration and (iii) combined heat and electrical power generation (CHP).

Key advantages:
  • Novel and simplified design
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Low maintenance and operating cost


System configuration according to CH4 content
CH4 < 0.4%
Abatement only, converting harmful CH4 into less harmful CO2
CH4 0.4% - 0.75%
Termal energy conversion for heating and refrigiration
CH4 0.6% - 1%
Electrical and thermal energy conversion using a steam turbine


Case Study

Binchang Group

Location: Shanxi,China
VAM (CH4 0.5%)
Date of operation:2009

Zhongping Energy

Location: Henan,China
VAM (CH4 Content 0.3%)
Date of operation:2010

Yimei Group

Location: Henan,China
Type of gas: VAM (CH4 0.5%)
Date of operation:2010